Sex Actions

A game in which you can translate any desire!

If you have a favorite person, then you can play both on one and through online.

Know yourself and your partner – flirtation and excitement will envelop you.

Unlimited access to all functions!

What is in the game?

Sex Actions

In turn, with your favorite you need to perform tasks. Depending on the regime, penalties are possible for refusing to perform.


Turn your cubes one by one with your favorite one. On the dice random combinations will fall out.


An anonymous chat in which you can communicate with any person.


Random jobs, you can download user tasks. Suitable for a party.


A selection of erotic stories, evaluation of stories from real users.


This section will show your achievements, as well as you can see a list of leaders.

Online game

If you are alone, then you can easily find yourself a partner for the game using online mode.

A private room will be created for you, where you can play and communicate. For you, the most frank topics will be available.

You do not have time limits, the duration of the game depends only on you.

Player reviews

Excellent application, many functions and an eye-pleasing interface, I will recommend to friends and acquaintances, tried with my favorite set of poses!
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Cool app, I really like her husband. A simple and convenient menu, tasks do not repeat, everything is very cool.
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A great application that can diversify relationships and strengthen them) Many new chips can be picked up for themselves here and surprise their girl) Believe me - you will not regret it)
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